We offer several different styles of dance for all ages and levels.

Ballet: Dancers learn Ballet fundamentals of technique and terminology, along with creative movement elements, valuable social interaction skills and structure.

Tap: Dancers learn basic tap steps, rhythm and musicality.

Jazz: Dancers will focus on free movement and jazz technique in beginning kicks, turns and leaps.


Ballet: Dancers learn Ballet fundamentals with more focus on technique and terminology, and remembering choreography.

Tap: Dancers learn an increased amount of tap steps, with more emphasis on rhythm and musicality.

Jazz: Dancers will focus on free movement and jazz technique and expand knowledge and progression with kicks, turns and leaps.

Starting as a court dance in Italy, but developed its more popular form in France and Russia before spreading across Europe and abroad. It has now become a staple for all performance dance disciplines, creating beautiful lines, poise and gracefulness while executing balance and flexibility. Our instructors are extremely well versed in Cecchetti, Vaganova and Royal Academy of Dance training.


Classical form of ballet training. Dancers must be enrolled in two ballet classes a week and seek the instructor’s approval before enrolling.

We teach several modern theories such as Graham and Taylor but our main focus is the Lester Horton theory, it has been chosen for its ability to teach strength, flexibility and endurance. Starting with fortifications (a series of strengthening and balancing exercises), the class then moves across the floor with grounded progressions and continues cardiovascular combinations to build dancers endurance. Improvisation and Composition elements may be added into Modern classes to help dancers become more in tune with movement creation and to expand their movement & performance quality.

Throughout history, Jazz dance has coincided with any music that was popular for the time. It is a free form dance style that allows a dancers “True Performer” to come out. Our jazz classes cover everything from Broadway to Urban Funk. It is up beat and continuous movement for the duration of the class. Integrated with “Jazz Technique” such as turns, leaps and uptempo combinations, Jazz is the perfect class for anyone who wants to express themselves and has a lot of energy to give!

A percussive movement driven by the feet and ankles. Both Broadway and Rhythm tap are taught, Broadway focuses on the performing aspects of tap and Rhythm for musicality and dynamic percussive ability.

Hip Hop:

A free form of movement that increases rhythm and musicality. We encourage improvisation and fun to help boost confidence and encourage performance with our dancers.

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