SDP Company

Congratulations to the following dancers who have been selected be a member our 2017-2018 Southern Dance Precision Comapny:

Mary Armstrong

Katie Brown

Kayce Brown

Makenzie Brown

Amelia Gauthreaux

Ella Glover

Megan Jackson

Jasmine Jones

Ally Loner

Jada McWhorter  

Samantha Shaffer

Bailey Smith

Alyssa Stringfellow

Michaela Wayne


SDP Company is for dancers looking to take their dancing to the next level.
Many former students of Kelly Bell’s companies have gone on to Major in Performing Arts in established and well known programs across the country. In the past 5 years the Southern Dance Precision Company (SDPC) has performed and competed both locally and regionally. Receiving several top overall awards and many outstanding studio awards. We not only focus on teaching our company members proper technique and professionalism, we also put a high priority on teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Level 1: Protege (5-18 years)

Must have at least one year of prior technical training (ballet, jazz, modern etc.). And will be required to take at least one ballet and one jazz class a year. They will be cast in 1-2 group dances that will compete at 2 regional competitions. Protege company members will also be asked to perform locally at 2-3 times a year, along with performing in the Finale dance for the Spring Recital!

Level 2: Extreme (7-18 years)

Must have 2 years of ballet training, and 1 year of additional technical training (jazz, modern, tap etc.). Dancers will be required to take 2-3 hours of ballet a week, along with jazz, modern or acro and 1 other elective dance classes. Cast in 2-5 group dances that will compete at 3-4 regional competitions. Extreme company members are required to attend all community performances and parades and will participate in the Finale dance of the Spring Recital!

Level 3: Elite (12-18yrs)

This is a program for dedicated dancers who make dance a major priority each year. Must have 3 years of ballet training, 2 years of jazz and at least 1 year of prior competitive experience. Elite dancers will enroll in 3 or more hours of ballet weekly, along with Jazz, Modern, Acro and 1 other elective style of dance (tap, hip hop, pointe). It is required that they attend 3-4 Competitions, 4-5 Performances around the state, and 1-2 conventions per year. Elite company members are required to attend all community performances and parades and will participate in the Finale dance of the Spring Recital!

Being a company member is a lot of work, but has a lot to offer as well! Workshops and auditions are held at the end of each summer to establish placement in the company.


All dancers wishing to audition for the 2017-2017 SDPC must attend the West Georgia Dance Intensive July 24th- 27th. Dancers trying out for Extreme or Elite levels must also attend at least 4 out of our 6 weeks of summer classes in Ballet & Jazz. See additional requirements view our Company Levels Fact Sheet